Risk Management & Capacity Consultancy

Risk Management is an area of great challenge to the insurance and reinsurance sector. Inefficient Risk Management skills in the insurance and reinsurance sector have lead to extreme exposure to investors’ capital in this sector. It is in this purpose that First Re established the need to venture uniquely into offering advisory services to our clients on measures that will enable them well manage the risks they are exposed to.

First Re also understands the need to have sufficient capacity for all our clients portfolio. We exclusively address the importance of having adequate capacity for all our clients. We address this by looking at each client’s capacity independently. Our recommendations are provided to the client in a timely manner to ensure that the implementation are done within the clients expectations.

Technical Support

At First Re all your reinsurance queries are addressed effectively. We immediately provide solutions to all reinsurance related queries. First Re organizes and facilitates training programmes both in-house and externally, generally improving the reinsurance capacity of personnel handling reinsurance needs for our clients.

Global Coverage

Our clients, receive local and global access to our network of resources in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe. Delivering to you reinsurance facilities of diverse nature and addressing all the unique and new insurance ideas developed on the original policies.