Treaty Reinsurance Broking

First Re designs and develops Treaty reinsurance programmes for both Life and General Reinsurance business which sufficiently address our clients’ reinsurance security, underwriting ability and capital management needs on a portfolio level. This enables them to effectively manage the combination of premium growth, claims settlement and favorable return on capital. Treaty programs designed by First Re are well structured to suit your needs on the original policies. As we aim at meeting the objectives of providing excellent reinsurance programmes with sufficient capacity, reinsurance pricing is a matter of great concern. We do not tire until you have a well priced reinsurance programme as First Re team has great analytical skills and vast knowledge and experience in diverse sections of reinsurance. For special and unique cases of treaty arrangements, we have developed a great network with reinsurance experts across the world and that gives First Re the opportunity to seek solutions to your particular needs as we dedicate to best meet your desires.


In additional to Treaty Reinsurance, First Re also provides retrocession solutions. To improve the capacity of the reinsurance programmes, retrocession arrangements are essential. First Re designs and negotiates retrocession arrangements for our clients. The retro programmes are arranged with the best retrocessionaires in the world to provide sufficient retro programmes at well discounted rates.