Medical Reinsurance


First Re recognizes and appreciates the need for good health and medical coverage. Committed to deliver solutions that provide stability to the health environment, First Re designs Medical treaties with emphasis on the scope and accuracy of cover. In light of the growing medical treatment rates in the society today, our Underwriters analyze and model treaties that address the cedant’s need while maintaining favorable costs of reinsurance.

We ensure that the specific requirements of the original policy limits, wordings and territorial coverage are well captured.

A cedant’s Medical Department is expected to underwrite the following risks:

  1. Medical In-Patient and
  2. Medical Out-Patient Cover with,
  3. Dread diseases benefits and
  4. Maternity Benefits

We design both proportional and non-proportional Medical treaties:

  • Medical Expenses Quota Share
  • Medical Expenses Excess of Loss
  • Medical Expenses Catastrophe Excess of Loss

First Re will also provide facultative reinsurance support for all risks that are above the reinsured’s capacity.

We ensure that the treaties have sufficient room for extensions of cover to meet the needs of the cedant brought about by the increased occurrence of some diseases and illnesses.

We also ensure that renewal of your Motor and Accident treaties are given special attention. First Re will analyze and discuss any improvements to your treaty to ensure that the following year has a better arrangement to suit the oncoming expectations.

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