Marine Reinsurance

At First Re we understand that fiscal losses resulting from marine transportation, inland and ocean during transit can have a severe impact to a reinsured’s income. In view of these exposures, First Re develops unique marine treaties that ensemble all the needs of the business underwritten in your marine department. Our vast experience and special Marine underwriting skills makes us well able to understand your unique needs in the Marine department and develop accurate Marine treaties, capturing all risks anticipated in the Marine section.

  1. Marine Hull – Marine Hull and Machinery of Hull, including Third Party Liability and Passengers Liability
  2. Marine Cargo – Marine Cargo and Specie risks, Cargo inland, pleasure crafts e.t.c.
  3. Goods In Transit where necessary

Our Marine treaties will capture the widest territorial scope expected in marine transportation. The reinsured is able to expend the scopes of the original policies to the widest available range depending with their appetites to Marine risks.

First Re will ensure that you are completely covered by providing all the available reinsurance arrangements that suit your Marine department need:

  • Marine Quota Share
  • Marine Surplus
  • Marine Excess of Loss
  • Marine Catastrophe Excess of Loss

First Re will also provide facultative reinsurance support for all risks that are above the reinsured’s capacity.

We also ensure that renewal of your Marine treaties are given special attention. First Re will analyze and discuss any improvements to your marine treaty to ensure that the following year has a better arrangement to suit the oncoming expectations.