Property Reinsurance

First Re designs and places new Property risks. We develop property treaties that suit your property department needs. Our underwriters possess diverse and unique technical skills which enable First Re develop accurate Property treaties, capturing all risks anticipated in the Property section. In a normal circumstance, it is expected that the Fire/ Property department will expect to underwrite risks of the following nature:

  1. Fire Industrial – Material Damage and Business Interruption
  2. Fire Commercial – Material Damage and Business Interruption
  3. Fire Domestic – Domestic Package policies are taylor made to include Owners/ Occupiers Liability extension
  4. Industrial All Risks

The Property treaties will include the expected allied perils in relation to the Fire risk; Bush Fire, Lightning or Thunderbolt, Explosion, Storm, Wind, Water, Hail or Snow, Aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped there from, Impact by animals, trees, aerials, satellite dishes or vehicles, Tornado, Hurricane, Cyclone, Volcano, Tsunami, Earthquake, Non-Political Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion.

In ensuring that the treaties wholly cover our clients, we design both proportional and non-proportional property treaties:

  • Property Surplus
  • Property Excess of Loss
  • Property Catastrophe Excess of Loss

First Re will also provide facultative reinsurance support for all risks that are above the reinsured’s capacity.

Property Treaty Renewals

First Re appreciates the need of smooth property treaty renewals. We have unique set procedures that ensure special attention to your renewal requirements. We facilitate eloquent collection of renewal statistics. Our pre-analysis of your existing treaty program ensures that the new program will always have an improvement from the existing one. We have developed constructive relationships with our clients and this is expended to the Reinsurers to ensure smooth and efficient renewal process.