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Insurance industry executives can now enrol in re-insurance practice classes after regional re-insurance company Zep-Re opened doors for the first class in the country.

The training aims at bridging the skills gap in the re-insurance industry by equipping professionals with skills required in the industry.

Zep-Re managing director Hope Murera said the skills would build professional profiles and give a competitive edge among peers.

“This training is expected to provide technical skills that will help grow the re-insurance practice in Kenya and on the continent where we operate in,” said Ms Murera.

The first 18 industry executives were picked from some of the leading insurance companies in the country and will receive certification upon completion of the course.

The five-day course costs Sh35,000 per person and the certificate is awarded after one successfully sits two continuous assessment test and one exam during the week.

The re-insurer last September announced the commissioning of the training centre based at the Zep-Re offices in Upper Hill.

The re-insurance training programme was developed in conjunction with the College of Insurance and is certified by the Ministry of Education.
“The re-insurance training we provide here is world-class. We are the only accredited insurance trainer in Kenya, having been certified by the Ministry of Education,” said Ms Murera.

Zep Re had previously trained over 6,000 professionals on re-insurance through short courses and is looking to increase this number.

Also known as a PTA Re-insurance, the company has an investment portfolio of over $200 million with operations across 50 countries in Africa and beyond.

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