About Us

FirstRe’s History

First Reinsurance Brokers Ltd (FIRSTRE) was incorporated early 1993. In November 1993, it was registered by the Commissioner of Insurance as the first REINSURANCE Broking Company in Kenya. Initially it was a joint venture, however, in 1997, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Insurance Brokers (EA) Ltd.

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Board and Management


The Board and the Management of FirstRe are committed to a strong philosophy of integrity and professionalism which runs across the entire sphere of the Company. This is underpinned by the realization that we are in a globally integrated world of insurance and reinsurance security for the development and prosperity of humankind. However, the  foundation for our success is based on the sensitivity we bring to bear to the needs and desires of the customers. Our focus is to ever add value while not compromising on the principles of Reinsurance and Insurance in general.

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